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Additional Services

Filter Service

At K-KLEEN, we offer a filter-cleaning service that is second to none. We will come to your business monthly and change your filters out for new ones we have cleaned for you. This way, you will always know you have the cleanest, safest, most effective kitchen filters available in your area. That is peace of mind that you can’t afford to ignore.

Restroom Supply Service

We take the unnecessary headache out of restroom inventory and maintenance by assuring that you no longer have to deal with leaving to find supplies or keep track of how much product you have left.  It's one less thing you and your employees will have to worry about.

A K-KLEEN technician will come in to service and restock your bathroom products and dispensers on a weekly basis. We offer the highest quality paper products and dispensers, an assortment of foam handsoaps and dispensers as well as electronic air fresheners that last 30+ days.

Grease Containment

You don’t want the health inspector coming around and seeing that you have a grease problem on your roof, as that could result in fines or even getting your restaurant closed until the problem is cleaned up. A good grease containment unit will keep your roof nice and clean all the time.

Floor Safety Solutions

Turn your wet floors into a 100% non-slip environment with this ground breaking technology.  Say goodbye to slip and fall lawsuits from customers and employees.  Just throw this stuff in your mop bucket and never slip again.

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