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Industrial Strength Products.  Made by the Pros.  For the Pros.


These products are not what you will find under your mother's sink.  All of K-KLEEN's products have been designed for industrial use.  If it has our name on it, you can bet that it was made for hood cleaners and anyone else who is trying to tackle the nastiest of grease and dirt.  

Purple Rain Industrial Strength Degreaser


We made Purple Rain so that we could not only safely clean the greasiest of messes, but also so we could do it as quickly as humanly possible.


Purple Rain is a high alkali builder.  Alkali destroys organic grease (protein, blood, animal fat) and inorganic grease (axle grease, motor oil).  


It is a highly concentrated industrial degreaser that should be dilluted.  


Purple Rain is 100% Biodegradable and USDA approved.


Golden Tornado All Purpose Surface Cleaner


Golden Tornado is a medium alkali builder that is designed to destroy dirt and grime that harbors bacteria.  


It is super effective on dirty counter top and table surfaces and also works great on fabric, tile and carpeting for stain removal. 


It is a highly concentrated industrial all purpose cleaner and should be dilluted.


Golden Tornado is 100 % Biodegradable and USDA approved.

SureGrip Traction Daily Cleaner


SureGrip is a daily cleaner for your floor that can be used in place of your current floor cleaner.  


This traction solution leaves your floors 100% slip free.


Sure Grip reduces the polymerization that results from the buildup of cleaning products in the cracks of your floors.  When this build-up occurs, any moisture that is introduced to the surface of the floor can make it as slick as ice and a perfect place for someone to slip and fall.  Sure Grip takes care of this problem for you.

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